Professional Development Seminar 2014

A Day with Sidney Dekker

Dr. Sidney Dekker

 Thank you for those that attended the ‘PDS 2014: A Day with Sidney Dekker’ at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Friday September 19 2014.


Sidney Dekker is Professor in the School of Humanities at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. Previously Professor at Lund University, Sweden, and Director of the Leonardo Da Vinci Center for Complexity and Systems Thinking, he gained his Ph.D. in Cognitive Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University, USA in 1996.

He has worked in New Zealand, the Netherlands, and England, has been Senior Fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and visiting Professor in healthcare safety in Melbourne, Australia and Manitoba, Canada.

He has recently been flying part-time as pilot on the Boeing 737NG with an airline out of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is author of several best-selling books on system failure and human error, including “Behind Human Error” from 2010, “Drift into Failure” from (2011, “Patient Safety” from 2011, and “Just Culture” from (2012).